2018 Hiking schedule and photos

2018 Spring Schedule


March 2; Huckleberry Ridge Forest:

4.1 mi loop with a spur to Doug Hall’s cabin (frontier artist) Meet at CR#1460 (on right) 4.6 mi E on Hwy K from Pineville, MO at 9:00 AM. Carpool, depart 8:30 AM from Harp’s Bella Vista. 

March 8; Pea Ridge Military Park:


5.7 mi loop Hiking trails (clockwise) to Ford Rd to East Overlook to Tavern. Various options to add/minus    Meet at Pea Ridge Visitor’s Center at 9:00 AM Carpool, depart 8:30 AM from Harp’s Bella Vista. 

March 14; Lincoln Lake: Eagle View Loop Trail:


4.6 mi/ Option to add 1 mi Lower Eagle View Loop; Meet at Lincoln Lake TH at 9:00 AM; 10386 N Jackson Hwy, Carpool, depart 7:30 AM from Lowe’s Bella Vista   

March 20; Lake Sequoyah: Rookery Trail:


4.4 mi o/b Option to add Kingfisher Trail2.9 mi o/b (same TH for both) Meet at Rookery TH at 9:00 AM 16701 Lake Sequoyah Dr., Fayetteville; Carpool, depart 8:00 AM from Lowe’s Bella Vista 

March 30 (Rescheduled date); Lake Alma Trail:

4.4 mi loop Meet at Lake Alma TH at 9:00 AM; 891-959 N. Mountain Grove Road, Alma; GPS: 35.29818, -94.13073; Carpool, depart 7:30 AM from Lowe’s Bella Vista  

April 3; Back 40: Tower Trail:


5.8 mi Taylor Homestead, SBAT, Pinyon Creek to Lake Ann TH; Meet at Lake Ann TH:  1 Wem Ln, Bella Vista, at 8:40 AM; Shuttle to Tower TH on E Lancashire Blvd; Optional shorter hike:  Lake Ann TH to Pinyon Creek to Brittany Dam 2.8 mi o/b. 


April 10 – 12; Overnight Trip to Mount Magazine State Park

April 18; Marinoni Scenic Area- Ozark Highlands Trail:


6.0 mi o/b; Meet at Indian Creek Canoe Launch TH; 8001-8009 Cass Oark Rd, Cass, AR; Carpool, depart 7:00 AM from Lowe’s Bella Vista  

April 26; Kings River Falls; Withrow State Park; Tea Kettle Falls:


Kings River-2 mi o/b; Withrow 1-2 mi; Tea Kettle Falls 2.5 mi o/b ; Meet at Kings River Falls TH at 9:00AM; 1534 Madison 3500, Witter ; GPS: 35.90190, -93.57443; Carpool, depart 7:30 AM from Lowe’s Bella Vista   

May 4; Magnolia Falls, Woods Boys Falls, Stahle Falls and Glory Hole:


2.8 mi o/b; Past Mossville Cemetery on Hwy 21 S.. 2.5 mi.   Turn right onto CR#9050 and go 0.8 mi; GPS: 35.86538, -93.39840; Glory Hole…2 mi o/b  GPS: 36.19691, -93.69014 ; Carpool, depart 7:00 AM from Lowe’s Bella Vista 

May 10; Hobb’s State Park, Pigeon Roost Loop


4.2mi Loop with option of 8.5 mi loop; Meet at Visitor Center 8:50 AM; 20201 East Hwy 12, Rogers; Carpool, depart 8:15 AM from Lowe’s Bella Vista 

May 16; Lake Fort Smith State Park: Ozark Highlands Trail and Shepard Springs Loop Trail


5.3 mi loop with Option on the OHT to Frog Bayou Creek 2 mi; Meet at Visitor Center 9:00 AM; 15458 Shepard Springs Rd, Mountainburg; Carpool, depart 7:30 AM from Lowe’s Bella Vista 


May 22; Natural Falls State Park, OK:


4 mi; Meet at Natural Springs Park Visitor Center at 9:00AM; US Hwy 412 West, Colcord, OK.; Carpool, depart 7:45 from Harp’s, Bella Vista 

May 30: Back 40 Buckingham TH to Blowing Springs Park:


4 mi; option of adding N Blowing Springs Loop 3 mi Meet at Blowing Springs Park: 700 Blowing Spring Rd, BV; 8:40 AM; Shuttle to Buckingham TH off Trafalgar Rd, Bella Vista

2018 Fall Schedule


If you plan to hike, please contact Beverly Munstermann, Trail Boss, Phone:  479.721.2193 (call or text) or email: munster@olemac.net.  If no answer call or text Jan Casebere at 214.668.1676. This is very important, so we will know who to notify if there is a change of plans. 

Also, always bring water, snacks, bug repellent, and extra shoes to change into.  If you carpool with someone, please help with gas money.

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September 7; Coler Creek Park North Gateway TH; Bentonville


 Oscar’s Loop; 4.9 mi loop; Depart TH 9:00 am; Just west of Pumpkin Hollow Rd./Peach Orchard intersection; 2 mi past Lowe’s. 

September 13; Wildcat Glades MO Dept. of Conservation; Joplin, Mo.


5.0 mi loop around the Conservatory; 201 West Rivera Dr, Joplin; Depart TH
9:00 am; Carpool departs BV Harp’s 7:30am. 

September 19; Lake Atalanta, Rogers


4.6 mi Lake Trail Loop; Option: concrete lake trail 3.3 mi. Meet Lake Atalanta Railroad Park, 403 E Poplar St, Rogers; Depart TH 9:00 AM 

September 25; Devils Den State Park, West Fork, AR


5.6 mi Fossil Flats loop; 1.5 o/b Yellow Rock trail; 11333 West Arkansas Hwy 74, West Fork; Meet at Visitor’s Center 8:45 am; Carpool departs Lowe’s 7:00 am. 

October 4; Hobbs State Park; Roger, AR


6.8 mi War Eagle Loop; option 4 mi o/b Overlook trail; Meet at Visitor’s Center, 20201 E Hwy 12, Rogers, 8:45 am; Carpool departs Lowe’s 7:45 am  

October 10; Steel Creek Campground, Ponca


5.6 mi o/b Buffalo River Trail; option 2.9 o/b Overlook; 2nd hike Old River Trail 2.4 mi o/b; Steel Creek Campground, Buffalo River Valley, Ponca; Meet at Trailhead (Horse Camp area) 9:00 am; Carpool departs Lowe’s 6:45 am. 


October 16; Lincoln Lake, Lincoln, AR


4.6 mi Eagle View Loop, option to add 1 mi- Lower Eagle Loop; Meet at Lake Lincoln TH 9:00am; carpool departs Lowe’s 7:30 am

October 23, 24, 25; Overnight trip to Beaver’s Bend State Park, Beaver’s Bend OK

November 2; Redding State Park, Ozark, AR


7.1 mi Redding Loop to Spy Rock; option 3.5 Spy Rock; Redding Campground; N Farm to Market Rd 1003 N, Ozark, AR; Meet at trailhead 9:00 am; carpool departs Lowe’s 7:00 am

November 7; Lake Leatherwood, Eureka Springs


4.2 mi Mulladay Hollow to Dam Overlook Ridge Trail to Fuller Loop; option additional 2 mi Beachum Trail; meet 9:00 am Lake Leatherwood Park, 1223 Co Road 204. Eureka Springs; carpool departs Lowe’s 7:30 am

November 13; Van Buren Lee Creek Reserve, Van Buren


7.3 mi 4 trail combo; Crack in the Rock 1.5 mi, Cemetery Loop 1.3 mi, Homestead Trail Loop 3.3 mi and Dam Overlook 1.2 o/b; options- any of the trails only; meet 9:00 am trailhead; 3808 Gelly Dr, Van Buren; carpool departs Lowe’s 7:00 am

November 19; Mount Kessler, Fayetteville


6.1 mi Mount Kessler Perimeter Trail; meet 9:00 am trailhead back corner of ball park; 3087 Wc 200, Fayetteville; carpool departs Lowe’s 7:45 am


November 30; Hemmed in Hollow to Goat Trail; Buffalo River Valley, Ponca


8.8 mi Hemmed in Hollow-Buffalo River Trail-Granny Henderson’s Cabin-Goat Bluff-CenterPoint trail; meet 8:30 am CenterPoint TH, Co Rd 133, Ponca; carpool departs Lowe’s 6:30 am.

December 3; Christmas Gathering